Shard End

Part of the Hodge Hill district

Shard End Ward is on the eastern edge of the city, about five miles from the city centre. It includes Kitts Green, Tile Cross, Shard End and Lea Village.

It is largely residential and includes several large council housing estates.

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Shard End

The Cole Valley runs through the centre of the ward and has large areas of open space as well as playing fields. Project Kingfisher is in the Cole Valley. There are shops at Tile Cross and shopping centres at Lea Village, Shard End Crescent and the Castle, on Bradford Road, The Heathway and East Meadway.

In the ward are the Shard End Community Leisure CentreShard End Library, and Shard End Neighbourhood Office.

In the south of the Ward, there are some industrial sites, including Alcoa on Kitts Green Road.

The Accommodation in the area was mainly built just before or just after the Second World War and does not provide adequate garaging or parking.

The housing includes houses, flats, maisonettes and bungalows and there are 9 high-rise blocks of flats in the Ward, these consist of 3 on Tile Cross Road, 3 on Shirestone Road, 2 on the Heathway and 1 on Packington Avenue.

Shard End