What’s it all about?

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40 Wards 10 Districts 10 Composers 40 Community Groups

10 Local Performances 1 Spectacular Performance 2 years


for-Wards is celebrating the diverse city of Birmingham by commissioning 10 pieces of new music about the 10 constituencies. We will be creating a cultural sound map of the UK’s incredibly diverse second city.


10 leading composers with a strong Brummie connection, including alternative pop legends Pram, Jazz composer Percy Pursglove, Composer Bobbie-Jane Gardner, and JKFlesh’s Justin Broadrick, will create new music with communities in one of the city’s 10 districts inspired by Birmingham City, the people and the sounds found within it!

The 10 new works will be performed back in the 10 districts in which the sounds and communities are found. At the end of the programme there will be a spectacular concert where all 10 pieces are shared!!

for-Wards is created by proud Brummie Bobbie-Jane Gardner.


for-Wards is dedicated to Educator, Buddhist Philosopher and Peacebuilder Daisaku Ikeda.