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Sutton District with Chris Eddowes (P0gman)

March 21, 2018

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Hi there, Im Chris Eddowes aka P0gman. Im a electronic music producer/DJ who specialises in the Dubstep genre.

Ive been producing music for around 10 years and have been touring and producing professionally for about the last 5 of those. My job consists mostly of writing my own material for EP’s, albums etc. My music is very bass driven and is written mostly for the club and festival stages. My year is mostly filled with touring America, Europe, Asia and Australia and i spend most of my year on the road.

Ive been chosen by Access Creative College and asked to work alongside For-Wards in the Sutton area. The 4 wards i will be working with here include Four Oaks, New Hall, Trinity and Vesey.


In the last few months we worked to choose 2 community groups (1 from each ward) to work alongside me in a collaborative piece of music to best represent their area.


Sutton New Hall and the Rock Choir

In the New Hall ward I will be working with the Rock Choir. This is a group of nearly 100 people who have a serious passion for music. They gather on a Thursday night to practice their very own unique versions of popular music. We were lucky enough to sit in on one of their practices and witness the passion and sense of community here at the Rock Choir. 4 of the lovely ladies at the Rock Choir decided to get involved in something that is going to make myself and the Rock Choir work outside of our safety zone and think outside the box. I am very excited to see what comes of this


Sutton Vesey and the Shaggy Dogs Golf Club 

Secondly we will be working with the Shaggy Dogs Golf Club over in Sutton Vesey. This group is for retired gentleman who play golf together at the Boldmere Golf Course. After meeting with the i was astonished at the commitment and organisation. This group is very tight knit and ran with precision. We went along to meet the guys on an early Friday morning and loved the community vibes and friendships they have formed. Im looking forward to working with the guys to see what we can come up with and also the great stories from their years of playing together in the area.


Sutton Trinity and Whitehouse Common Primary School 

We will be working alongside Whitehouse Common Primary School in the Trinity ward. The 30 year 3 pupils i had the pleasure of meeting last week are filled with energy and excitement about the project as much as i am. We have already planned the route we are going to take and all the possible sounds we can record. I am excited to portray the energy and the vibes coming from the children into a piece of music i think we will all have a lot of fun making.


Sutton Four Oaks and the Greville House Retirement Home

Lastly i will be working with the elderly people at Greville House Retirement Home in Four Oaks. I went to meet the residents last week and am very happy that they are willing to jump on board with the project. A major thing here im looking forward to is the stories from the residents and the everyday life and feel they have living in the area. This one will be very interesting as our musical backgrounds and tastes are literally polar opposite, but i am very excited to work outside the box and make a very interesting collaboration.

(Photos coming very soon)


This project as a whole is very exciting for me. Its making me think outside the box and throws me into a world of exploration with people i would not usually work with. The thing i want most from this is for it to be a complete collaboration between myself and the groups to best catch their ward. I also intend on sprinkling the whole project with some of my own vibes and will be very excited to open up the world of ‘Dubstep’ to these strangers to the genre.


Stay tuned