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The Home Straight

February 26, 2015

Category: community

I’m quite tired. No, let’s be honest. I am really tired.

So, rather than incoherently babble on about the progress of my piece, (the title of the piece has been chosen by a  Balsall Heathen, which is fab, and the music is close to completion), or tell you about the producer side of things, here are some pictures that sum up a lot of the things I’ve been up to, (mostly running round like a headless chicken)!


IMG_3388 IMG_3286_2 IMG_3282_2 IMG_3237 IMG_3232 IMG_3242 IMG_3200_2 IMG_3187_2 IMG_3123 IMG_3190_2 IMG_3124 IMG_3119 IMG_3208_2 IMG_3207_2 IMG_3318_2 IMG_3201 IMG_3202 IMG_3236 IMG_3335 IMG_3344 IMG_3205 IMG_3381 IMG_3401 3 IMG_3382_2 IMG_3384_2 IMG_3387_2 IMG_1128 For-Wards_64 For-Wards_51 For-Wards_96 IMG-3127.JPG IMG_3176 IMG_3179 IMG_3172 IMG_3181 IMG_3182 IMG_3044 IMG-3126.JPG Seb 4 wards